Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The New Testament is historically reliable, confirmed by many other ancient documents and other evidence, based on eyewitness accounts of Jesus, and written under the supervision of men who were commissioned by Jesus to speak for him (apostles).

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*Archaeological Confirmation of the New Testament
*Undesigned Coincidences: A unique and underutilized internal evidence for the historicity of the Bible. I have tried to make this bibliography as exhaustive as possible.
*EhrmanProject.com. A collection of resources in response to popular skeptic Bart Ehrman. Also, see this,
*Pagan Parallels to Jesus?: Is Jesus really a myth based on earlier pagan myths? An extensive collection of resources dealing with this issue.
*Contradictions in the Bible?: A list of several excellent resources for dealing with seeming contradictions in the Bible.
*The So-Called Synoptic Problem: A brief but helpful bibliography with a link to a more detailed bibliography.
*So-Called Lost Gospels (Gnostic Writings)
*Jesus' Historicity
*Jesus Mythicism

*Turek, Frank. "Is The Bible Historically Accurate?" Frank Turek is interviewed by the "One Minute Apologist." (2 minutes)
*Wallace, J. Warner. "Haven't the Gospels Been Altered?" Famous L.A. cold-case detective is interviewed by the "One Minute Apologist." (3 minutes)
*Keener, Craig. "Dr. Craig Keener on the Historicity of the Book of Acts." (11 minutes) Dr. Keener is probably the greatest living scholar on the book of Acts. He has recently completed a four-volume commentary on Acts that totals nearly 5000 pages and has over 45,000 references from ancient extrabiblical documents. (See below.)

*Last Seminary hosts 18 articles on the historical reliability of the New Testament that can be download for FREE--with brief abstracts for each.

*Blomberg, Craig L. The Historical Reliability of the New Testament. (816 pages) Hot off the press in late October 2016!

*Bruce, F.F. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? Download for FREE! here. A classic by one of the greatest New Testament scholars of the 20th Century. An easy read and only 124 pages.
*Wallace, J. Warner. "Cold-Case Christianity." My top pick for anyone new to apologetics. 
*"Equipped," the Journal of the Christian Apologetics Alliance (multiple authors). "Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible." A FREE! electronic journal.
*Is the Bible Relaiable? by John Piper: a FREE! 13 page booklet

*McGrew, Tim. "The Gospels and Acts as History." (106 minutes) Highly recommended.
*Inspiring Philosophy. An excellent series of 7 videos (11 to 19 minutes each)

Articles (& Book Chapters)
*McGrew, Lydia. "The Annotated Rawlinson." Historical accuracy of the Gospels.
*Moreland, J.P. "The Historicity of the New Testament."
*McRay, John. "Archaeology and the Book of Acts." (14 pages)
*Geisler, Norm and Frank Turek. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist, Chapter 11: "The Top Ten Reasons We Know the New Testament Writers Told the Truth" (p.275-298).

*Bock, Darrell. "Can We Trust the Bible?" (73 minutes). Includes slides and notes.

*Wilder, Terry L. and Steven B. Cowan, editors. In Defense of the Bible. I highly recommend this book. Top experts cover the spectrum of issues for both the Old and the New Testaments.

Online Course
John PIper, Craig Blomberg & Bill Mounce. "Why I Trust My Bible." (20 hours) FREE!

*Hemer, Colin. The Book of Acts in Its Hellenistic Setting. The definitive book on the subject.
*Robertson, A.T. Luke the Historian in the Light of Research. (1920) FREE! here.
*Ramsay, William. St. Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen. (1895, 1907) FREE! here.
*Keener, Craig. Acts: An Exegetical Commentary. Dr. Keener is probably the greatest living scholar on the book of Acts. This recently completed (October 2015) four-volume commentary on Acts totals nearly 5000 pages and has over 45,000 references from ancient extrabiblical documents.

Still looking?.... 
Check out this excellent list of resources from my friend Eric Chabot .....or this excellent bibliography.....or this long list of links....or The New Testament Gateway: a large directory of academic internet resources, though sadly lacking in some of the best evangelical scholarship.


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  2. Thank you for your kind words, Ed. I am truly humbled and thankful that God would use me. Keep learning and growing, brother....for the glory of Jesus Christ. :)