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Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are an under utilized and under appreciated evidence for the Christian worldview. Unfortunately, both Christians and unbelievers tend to quickly throw out knee jerk responses without seriously considering the evidence. Here are some resources for looking at that evidence more closely.

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*Habermas, Gary. "Are Near Death Experiences Possible?" The "One Minute Apologist interviews Dr. Habermas. (2 minutes)

*McDowell, Sean. "Surprising Evidence For God: Near Death Experiences"

*Habermas, Gary. "Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife." Hosted on the Veritas Forum website (1 hour 44 minutes)

*Habermas, Gary. Dr. Habermas is one of the few expert apologists who is making a serious investigation into the evidence of NDEs. This link will take you to a long list of audios on Dr. Habermas's site. There are several on Near Death Experiences. The easiest way to find them is to use the "Find" function in your browser and enter the word "near." I believe 
there are eight different listings for NDEs (most having more than one session).
*J. Steve Miller. Author of Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for God and Heaven interviewed by Nick Peters on the Deeper Waters podcast.

Articles (& Book Chapters)
*Last Seminary hosts 3 articles on NDEs that can be download for FREE--with brief abstracts for each.
*Dembski, William and Michael Licona (editors). Evidence for God. See the chapter by Gary Habermas, p. 24

*J. Steve Miller. Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for God and Heaven.
*Long, Jeffrey. Evidence of the Afterlife. Long is an M.D. and director of what is probably the largest and most systematic of investigations into NDEs. Dr. Long will have an updated book out in May 2016 (also found at the title link above).

*Habermas, Gary and J.P. Moreland. Beyond Death: Exploring the Evidence for Immortality.
*Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth. On Life after Death. Celestial Arts: Berkeley, California, 1991. Though not a Christian (which is reflected in her new age interpretation of the evidence), Dr. Kubler-Ross is one of the foremost experts on the issue of death and dying. Summary of the essay "Living and Dying" (chapter 1 of the book) found inside the front cover: "After studying more than 20,000 people who have had near-death experiences, Dr. Kubler-Ross has discovered that they report remarkably similar experiences--regardless of the subjects' age, religious background, or nationality."

You can find more info on NDEs at the Christian Research Institute, at Triablogue and also here at Triablogue

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