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Some excellent classes from some of the greatest Christian scholars alive....and they are all FREE!

Click on the title links to find the great resources listed below 
(and then check out my growing MASTER LIST OF APOLOGETIC RESOURCES)....

My top 2 picks for free online courses are Biblical eLearning and Biblical Training (but there is lots of other great teaching here and I have listed them roughly in order of my recommendation):

*BIBLICAL eLEARNINGAn impressive array of excellent courses on the Bible, Biblical background, Biblical languages, and Church history by top scholars. Among them are lectures on Matthew, Acts and Romans by Craig Keener. Keener is perhaps the greatest living scholar on Acts and has recently published a massive commentary with more than 45,000 references to ancient extrabiblical literature. He has also published 3 commentaries on Matthew, the Zondervan Biblical Background Commentary on the New Testament, and a massive 2-volume work on miracles. Having nearly completed the course on Matthew, I cannot recommed it highly enough.

*BIBLICAL TRAININGA well-rounded curriculum. And the classes are all of very high quality. Some are by foremost scholars for the area being taught. There are many Bible courses at Biblical Training. I do highly recommend the course on Romans taught by Douglas Moo, whose Romans commentary is generally considered to be the best available. The courses that are explicitly about apologetics are listed below. There are also courses on philosophy: "Essentials of Christian Apologetics" by Ronald Nash (2 hours 20 minutes); "Christian Apologetics" by Ronald Nash (14 hours 35 minutes). Four courses by Dr. Nash that are related to worldview analysis and thought. See my "Worldviews" bibliography here. Dr. Nash is witty, brilliant and easy to understand. I highly recommend his courses and books.If you are using an Android device, you can download their app at Google Play.

*REFORMED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYOn Android devices, download the Reformed Theological Seminary app from Google Play to access their classes. You can also access the classes through iTunes. I highly recommend the class on the Gospels by Michael Kruger.

*The Special Divine Action Project: This is the #1 place to go for scholarly discussion of miracles. This YouTube channel features dozens of lectures by top scholars on the philosophical discussion of miracles, especially featuring the work of Timothy McGrew. There are also several videos by Craig Keener (another foremost expert on this issue), Richard Swinburne (one of the foremost Christian philosphers), Sir Roger Scruton, Ian Hutchinson, Susan Eastman, Peter Harrison, Neal Audenaert, Raymond C. Tallis, and Lenn Goodman.  There are two sets of Timothy McGrew's lectures here: "The Deist Controversy" and "The Great Debate"....the latter of which I have listened to in its entirety at least three times now. Excellent!

*THE CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS ALLIANCE (CAA) has many lectures available from their members, including some more prominent apologists. Information about the speakers and their contact information are also included for those who would like to have them come speak at an event.

*L'ABRI IDEAS LIBRARY hosts a well-organized, vast array of lectures by Francis Schaeffer and many others.

*INSTITUTE OF BIBLICAL DEFENSE: Dr. Phil Fernandes has a large number of lectures on both apologetics and the Bible hosted at Sermon Audio. If you are listening to these on an Android device, you will want to download the Sermon Audio app.

*PETER KREEFT has several lectures available online.

*FREE COURSES AT DALLAS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: The Gospel of John taught by Mark Bailey; Genesis taught by James Allman. More online courses at DTS. For Android devices, go to Google Play and download the Dallas Theological Seminary app.

*GORDON-CONWELL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY free online courses are called "Dimensions of the Faith."
    *LAST SEMINARY a full curriculum of classes, including apologetics classes by Douglas Groothuis and Phil Fernandes...11 lectures on Science and Religion by John Polkinghorne.....and a full range of New Testament Biblical Studies courses. Also hosts a ton of resources organized with the classes.

    *TRINITY EVANGELICAL DIVINITY SCHOOL (TEDS) has free samples of some courses online, featuring four lectures on the book of Hebrews by D.A. Carson, etc.

    *WESTMINSTER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: A well-organized assortment of courses and other resources, including apologetics, Bible and theology.

    *"HOW TO GET A THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION THROUGH iTunes U": iTunes has a vast array of audio resources and this article is an excellent guide to finding them. Note: I have not been able to access these classes using the links provided. Download the iTunes app on your PC or Apple device and search for the class there. 

    *THE THEOLOGY PROGRAM: Six courses in Audio and video at, with assigned readings, PowerPoint slides, and vocabulary quizzes. Classes are as follows: Introduction to Theology, Bibliology and Hermeneutics, Trnitarianism, Humanity and Sin, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology. Also available: Principles of Biblical Teaching.

    *APOLOGETICS ACADEMY, the ministry of Jonathan McLatchie. Jonathan is putting together an exciting and original online apologetics training opportunity. It includes weekly live online meetings with expert apologists and also mentoring. I highly recommend that you check this out. They are also recorded and archived online.

    *INSTITUTE FOR RELIGIOUS RESEARCH has a free course called "A Reasoning Faith." More "Bible Courses for Modern Seeekers."

    *PLEASE CONVINCE ME ACADEMY There are six free courses available here from J. Warner Wallace, the famous L.A. cold-case detective and excellent popular Christian apologist.

    *READ ALONG WITH APOLOGETICS315"....a weekly chapter-by-chapter study through Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Christianity by Douglas Groothuis. Each week's post will provide a brief summary of the chapter, an audio introduction to the chapter by the author, as well as a PDF study guide suitable for printing and using for personal or group study. Also, see these 23 "Lectures on Apologetics" by Dr. Groothuis.

    *COVENANT THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: Numerous recorded courses and lectures, topically arranged.

    *BIBLICAL LEARNING: An InFaith Initiative hosts numerous courses on apologetics, Bible and theology. Course instructors include R.C. Sproul, James Boice, Howard Hendricks, Elmer Towns and many others.

    *N.T. WRIGHT: N.T. Wright currently has a course on Philemon available for free. Other courses are available at cost.


    *BIBLEARC: This site has a state-of-the-art suite of Bible study tools with the ability to diagram. And it offers classes for understanding the Bible. (Courses are in the process of being developed during 2016-2018.)

    *IMPACT 360 INSTITUTE: "How to Question the Bible and Keep Your Faith" taught by Jonathan Morrow. Includes course handout and 58-minute video.

    *OUR DAILY BREAD CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. There are a ton of classes at this site, but make sure you note the "Load More" button after you scroll to the bottom of the page or you will think there are only a few.

    *SILO BIBLE COURSES from Eternity Bible College and co-founder Francis Chan. "Bible Study for Normal People" revolves around 5-minute videos.

    *THE C.S. LEWIS INSTITUTE'S "BASIC APOLOGETICS COURSE" by Dr. Art Lindsley. (20 sessions of nearly an hour each). Originally published on DVD, they are available online now for free. Dr. Lindsley's profile can be found here.

    *BLUE LETTER BIBLE INSTITUTE has several classes on apologetics and the Bible.

    *HOME STUDY COURSES at Apologetics Press.

    *HILLSDALE COLLEGE: Includes classes on C.S. Lewis and surveys of some of the most important books to influence Western civilization.

    *Understanding and Choosing Bible Translations: A course covering how we got our English Bible, what the major translations are, two different approaches to Bible translation, why literal translations aren’t always more accurate, how we can be certain the Bible we possess is really God’s Word, four guidelines for choosing Bible translation.

    *Forum of Christian Leaders has their webinars and other talks available for FREE online. This link is for those that are specifically related to apologetics.

    *The North American Reformed Seminary not only provides links to recorded online courses, they have combined them with assigned reading, assignments and mentoring. And they offer FREE theological degrees for completing the assigned curriculum. Degrees available include Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates. Affiliated with the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries. They are not accredited, but this may be a good option for some people. Certainly one could do the work simply to grow stronger in their understanding of theology and ministry.



    Check out the 1,150 free online courses organized by topic at Open Culture. You can find the section for "Religion" here.....Classics Courses (Ancient History & Philosophy) here.....140 free university Philosophy Courses here (or go straight to Oxford's Introductory Philosophy Courses). Of course, be aware that these classes will often be taught from the perspective of a worldview that is antagonistic to Christianity--so be prepared to think critically, ask questions, and seek help from seasoned apologists (perhaps in one of these online groups).

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