Monday, July 25, 2016

THE APOLOGETICS TOOLBOX: The Place to Find Almost Every Tool You Will Need

Pages at the core of my blog's mission:

*A GUIDE TO YOUR FIRST APOLGETICS BOOK: Concise Reviews of the 17 Best Books
*MASTER LIST OF APOLOGETIC RESOURCES: Links to every imaginable resource (at least that is the goal)
*1000's of *FREE!* BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS & JOURNALS for Apologetics & Bible Study
*TONS OF *FREE!* ONLINE CLASSES & LECTURES for studying Apologetics & the Bible
*THE CUMULATIVE CASE FOR CHRISTIANITY: An outline argument with many resources
*READ & STUDY THE BIBLE IN 2016: Tons of Resources for reading and studying the Bible
*DO WE NEED APOLOGETICS IN THE CHURCH?: A brief article with lots of resources
*WORKS OF DEAD APOLOGISTS: Resources for Historical Apologetics

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