Tuesday, January 8, 2019


"God is no fonder of intellectual slackers than of any other slackers. If you are thinking of becoming a Christian, I warn you you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all."

~C.S. Lewis

*C. S. Lewis (2003). “A Mind Awake: An Anthology of C. S. Lewis”, p.123, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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I wrote an article in July 2018 for the Growing Deeper Roots blog titled: "The Beautiful Mind of Jesus." The article challenges the idea that being like Jesus can be reduced to showing grace to others. It also requires being a thinker and pursuing truth. I invite you to check it out.

My Class: "Love God With All Your Mind"
*This is Week 2 in my series "How to Have Confidence in Christ That Changes the World (Apologetics 101: A Cumulative Case)" which I began September 8, 2019.
*MP3 Audio (45 minutes)
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*Class Handout
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*The entire 16-week course may be found here: "HOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE IN CHRIST THAT CHANGES THE WORLD (Apologetics 101: A Cumulative Case)"

"What Does It Mean to Love God With All of Your Mind?"
(J.P. Moreland & the One Minute Apologist: 1 1/2 minutes)

*Moreland, J.P. "What Does It Mean to Love God With All of Your Mind?" (1 1/2 minutes)
*Piper, John. "Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God" (2 minutes)
*Huff, Wesley. "Loving God With Your Mind" (34 minutes)
*Moreland, J.P. "Loving God With All Your Mind" (43 minutes)

Articles (& Book Chapters)
*Moore, Caleb. "Churches Made of Sand: Why People Are Leaving the Faith"
*Groothuis, Douglas. "Jesus: Philosopher and Apologist"
*McDowell, Josh and Sean McDowell. Evidence That Demands A Verdict (2017 edition). "Introduction" Section I., third point: "Jesus the Apologist" (Section of Book)

*Groothuis, Douglas. On Jesus (Wadsworth Philosophers Series). (Book: 112 pages)
*Sire, James W. Habits of the Mind: Intellectual Life as a Christian Calling.

*The word “disciple” (μαθητής) occurs 261 times in the Gospels. It means “a learner or pupil; one who follows the teaching of another.”

*Thinking is hard. It requires effort and therefore commitment and giving. When we use our brains to seek to understand God and his Word, it is a pleasing sacrifice to him. For the average adult in a resting state, the brain consumes about 20 percent of the body’s energy. The brain’s primary function — processing and transmitting information through electrical signals — is very, very expensive in terms of energy use.” (quote is from an online article at BrainFacts.org)