Friday, August 5, 2016


"In every language, every tribe, and every culture, we find a word for God. He has not left Himself without a witness, nor is there anywhere on earth where His fingerprints are absent."

- D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, The Presence of a Hidden God

People from every culture testify to God's existence, going back to ancient times. If God did not exist, shouldn't there be cultures that do not know anything of God? This universal testimony to God's existence is strong evidence that God exists and that he has revealed himself to all people as Romans 1:18-20 says.

Below are resources that present this evidence:

"Is Belief in God Hardwired?" (2-minute video). 
The One-Minute Apologist interviews Larry Taunton

*Audio: Win Corduan is interviewed by Nick Peters of Deeper Waters Ministries and presents the evidence for original monotheism (that originally people worshiped one personal God and that polytheism/the worship of gods came later).
*Book: In the Beginning: A Fresh Look at the Case for Original Monotheism by Winfried Corduan. Review of the book by J.W. Wartick
*Video: Win Corduan on the case for original monotheism (54 minutes)
*Book: The Origin and Growth of Religion by Wilhelm Schmidt
*Articles: David Marshall argues for TACT (and also here): "Beginning in 2000, in Jesus and the Religions of Man, I have offered an argument for God that we might call the Theistic Argument from Cultural Transcendence (TACT). The gist of the argument is that (a) if an understanding of God transcends a particular culture, it is much more likely to be true than if it does not. (b) The idea of God does, in fact, transcend the Abrahamic tradition from which monotheism is often said to have arisen. It can, in fact, be found in many highly scattered and diverse cultures, where it must have arisen independently. (c) Therefore God is much more likely to be real than religious ideas that are limitted to one particular culture, or flow out from one localized source."
*Book: Jesus and the Religions of Man by David Marshall

*Article: "The God Issue: We Are All Born Believers" by Justin Barrett (published in New Scientist)
*"Are People Born to Believe in God?": a lecture at the University of Cambridge by Justin Barrett

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