Sunday, August 7, 2016


Below are places to find FREE! images for using with your blog, presentation, literature, etc.:

*Wikimedia Commons is a massive site of public domain images. Free for any use (see policy here).
*WikiArt has a very large database of public domain artwork, with lots of options for how to sort through it. The link above will take you to the chronological listing of artists. Also, please consult their "copyright policy" here (though as I read it, they all seem to be available for educational purposes but not commercial, as is usual).
*Free Images has more than 389,000 free photos and illustrations.
* has a ton of nicely organized images of all kinds.

*EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies at Yale Divinity School: "Some images in the EIKON database are restricted to Yale use, due to copyright agreements"....which means most are not restricted. :)
*Freeware Bible Class Atlas/Maps: "This atlas is a PowerPoint presentation of over 55 Bible maps and diagrams (new 2003 version). Many are based on NASA satellite photos." Also in JPEG.
*Blue Letter Bible has a very large and well organized collection of images and maps.
* has a ton of nicely organized images.
*Precept Austin has an extensive list of links to images that are organized by Old and New Testament.
*Illustrations of Gustave Dore at 241 Biblical illustrations organized in chronological order by Old and New Testament.
*Hundreds of public domain images organized by Biblical reference at SpeedBible
*Free Bible Images organized by Biblical book, Bible character and theme.
*"Pictures from Bible Story Books" by La Vista Church of Christ
* More than 17,500 high-resolution photos of Biblical places. Most require payment, but a small selection is FREE.

CHRISTIAN (not just Bible): Free
*The Index of Christian Art at Princeton University: Over 43,000 images available without a subscription in their "Digital Image Collections."
*AdHoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity at Yale Divinity School: "Some images in the AdHoc database are available only to the Yale community, due to copyright restrictions"....which means most are not restricted. :)
* Very nice collection of modern clip art depicting Biblical stories, Scripture verses, etc.
*Christians Unite: Images divided into 36 categories and some categories into subcategories.
*Karen's Whimsy: an interesting collection of vintage images from children's story books, includes Biblical images and more

CHRISTIAN: Sites with both Free and Paid Images
*Bible Picture Gallery: Many well organized images covering Biblical events, Biblical backgrounds, Christian Teaching, & Church events.
*Christ Art: Free for web pages (with proper credit). You must get a membership or DVD for other uses.
*Christian Clip Art - Free and Not Free

*BibleAtlas.orgBible maps for every Old and New Testament location
*Bible Atlas Online (2002): Lots of nice maps, well organized. Some unique maps
*Freeware Bible Class Atlas/Maps: "This atlas is a PowerPoint presentation of over 55 Bible maps and diagrams (new 2003 version). Many are based on NASA satellite photos." Also in JPEG.
*Printable Maps and more at Bible History Online.
*PDF Bible Atlas: 197 pages
*Holman Bible Atlas
*Bible Study Tools: Four maps
*Bibliography of Bible Atlases
*Links to many more Bible atlases online. Also here.
*Precept Austin has a huge collection of Bible maps, timelines and pictures of places. Nicely organized.
*Smith Bible Atlas (1915) at
*Blue Letter Bible has maps from the Graphic Bible and Rose Publishing

*CoolText: A really nice FREE site for turning your choice of text into an image. Easy to use and lots of options.
*Scripture with bacground imagery at Blue Letter Bible
*Word Clouds at Blue Letter Bible
*Quotations with backgrounds at Blue Letter Bible
*SermonIndex has about a thousand images of preachers and theologians. Many are a combination of quotes accompanied by vintage photos of the author of the quote. The site is not clear about the use of their images so I emailed them. They responded: "Please feel free to use the images in anyway to share themfreely. This is also our policy for all the content on SermonIndex."


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